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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The recent show I was at is not listed, where are the photos?
    • ​I usually take multiple thousands of photos in a show weekend. It takes me a number of days to get them all sorted out and through the first round of edits. I try very hard to get them up within a week but I also have a full time job so it's not always possible. If you don't see the show listed yet, the photos aren't ready. I greatly appreciate your patience!
  • What happened to the "digital package"?
    • I was finally able to streamline the process of purchasing all of the images of your dog or dog(s) from one show weekend! It is now called the "Entire Gallery Download" and can be found in the Downloads section of the shopping cart after clicking your dog's gallery. Choose this option to download all of the images from that gallery for one price (or you can leave out any you don't want). If you own multiple dogs that are entered in the same show weekend, you can order the discounted "2nd Dog Gallery Download" for any of your additional dogs after the first. The dogs selected for this second gallery must be owned by the same person (or another person from their household - husband/child/etc).
  • I'd rather have a physical CD than download the images from your site, how do I order one?
    • You can order a CD as an add-on to any digital download order. First, order the digital download products that you would like on the CD and then add the CD to the shopping cart and checkout.
  • Can I use these photos for advertising or on my own website?
    • ​Yes, absolutely! Once you've purchased the image you can use it anywhere you'd like that's not considered commercial use (ie, you can't sell mugs with my photo on it). I can provide a release if required by your editor.
  • Where are the photos from past years?
    • In order to keep appearances simple and clean I move all of the images from past years to the Archives section.
  • My prints don't look like what was on the screen!
    • ​I use a professional photo lab that has been highly recommended, but I do not get to see the final product before it gets shipped to you. In the event that a lab mistake does happen, I guarantee your satisfaction 100%. If you're not happy with how your prints turned out, neither am I. Contact me and we will correct it.
  • Can I schedule a private shooting session with you?
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I am happy to do a quick session with anybody who comes to the show sites that I am at. Unfortunately due to my demanding work schedule and competition schedule with my own dogs, I am unable to make private appointments outside of shows at this time.